What Color Is Turquoise Blue

What Color Is Turquoise Blue. It has a blue, or bluish green, color, and usually occurs in reniform masses with a botryoidal surface. Turquoise blue colors create harmonious color combinations with all white, blue and green colors, adding a.

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Color information #61e9fb (or 0x61e9fb) is unknown color: Summer turquoise blue has the hex code #4b9cab. Comprised of green, blue, and yellow tones, turquoise is a striking combination of these color wheel beauties.

The Sets Below Has Both Types (Similar By Name And Closer In Distance)

It can also add a bit of energy to a room, a property it gets from yellow. Turquoise is also sometimes referred to as aquamarine, however, they are different colors. Believe it or not, we managed to compile a list of 15 turquoise colors altogether!

Blue Value Is 251 (98.44% From 255 Or 43.20% From.

The most famous color is a little greenish light blue. It embodies both the recessive quality of a blue and the calming quality of a green, making it very easy to work with,' says annie sloan, color and paint expert. Supportive of or related to the.

A Blend Of Blue And Green, It Provides The Same Kind Of Cool And Calm Feeling.

Turquoise can be described as being a bright cyan. A shade of turquoise with more saturation, a darker shade. The color turquoise blue with hexadecimal color code #00ffef is a shade of cyan.

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The equivalent rgb values are (75, 156, 171), which means it is composed of 19% red, 39% green and 43% blue. Green value is 233 (91.41% from 255 or 40.10% from 581); Turquoise is characterized by extra green over blue when aqua has blue and green in the same proportion.

Whereas In A Cmyk Color Space, It Is Composed Of 100% Cyan, 0% Magenta, 6.3% Yellow And 0% Black.

However, before we go to the list, you must know first that turquoise is a color inspired by a semiprecious stone in the same name. Aqua is light bluish green while turquoise is greenish blue colour. In the rgb color model #00ffef is comprised of 0% red, 100% green and 93.73% blue.

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