What Is A Watercolor Pencil

What Is A Watercolor Pencil. Get the look of beautiful watercolor paints with the control of a pencil! Watercolor pencils are created encased in wood, like regular pencils, and as woodless pencils that are simply pigment wrapped in a thin binding paper.

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It won’t get dull no matter where in your home or office environment you use it. If you already have a very good understanding of the colors and shading you’re planning to use, watercolor pencils can be a great option for outlining your work with pencils that will essentially disappear as they become integrated into the other paints you’re using. You can then apply water by brushing it on or spraying your drawing.

So You Might Be Wondering Why Colored Pencils And Watercolor Pencils Are So Different.

The mark of a good watercolor pencil is that when you apply water to activate it, the pencil lines don’t show anymore. You can then apply water by brushing it on or spraying your drawing. For an easy listing of all of the watercolor pencils we have reviewed we encourage you to check out our expansive colored pencil comparison chart and sort “type of pencil” by “watercolor”.

If You Are A Fan Of Mixing Colors, Regular Pencils Are Not Entirely Efficient, As The Strokes Overlap One Another Due To Their Wax Base.

But watercolor pencils give you the added option of turning them into beautiful watercolor paint when you activate them with water. Draw with your pencils on watercolor paper or thick papers that will hold water. Watercolor pencils can help you create beautiful watercolor works of art without having to use paints.

The Advantage Of These Pencils Is That They Can Be Further Blended With Ordinary Water And An Artist Brush Of Your Choice.

Using a watercolor pencil is a very unique medium that sits in between both watercolor painting and drawing. The heavy duty steel blade can sharpen up to 3 times before needing replacement, and its pivoting design guarantees. Most watercolor pencil art that you may have come across was achieved through a variety of techniques.

Watercolor Pencils Are A Bit Of A Grey Area To Tackle, This Media Is Not The Most Famous And Most Used Out There, But They Are One Of The Most Exciting And Versatile Media We Have Come Across.

This leaves us with their watercolor pencil lines that are specifically for watercolor. The difference is that they react to water and can create effects similar to watercolor paints. That means if you add water, the pigment will dissolve in it, giving you a watercolour paint wash that you can spread around the paper.

Watercolor Pencils Are A Unique Medium For Creating Art.they Combine Drawing With Painting In A Manner That No Other Medium Can Replicate.

Regular colored pencils can also be used for burnishing. The secret is in the binder. Burnishing is the process of adding.

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