Crayola Spin Out

Crayola Spin Out. Mix, drip and splatter paint on the paper discs while using the unique pump to spin and create swirly art. Crayola color spinout connects up to 3 markers at once and adjust gear arms for different outcomes.

Crayola Color Spinout Crayola Craft kits for kids from

Attach them together with a brass fastener. Ideal for ages 6 through 9. Kid powered art that's easy to create!

Create Combo Designs Using Both Activities To Elevate Your Art!.

Adjust gear arm positions for different outcomes. Two classic art activities in one! It offers beginners an easy entry point to acrylic paint pouring.

Two Classic Art Activities In One!

3 spiro gears, 6 pipsqueak markers, 3 ink bottles, 15 paper disks, 1 instruction sheet. Create colourful designs and patterns with a few twists of the wrist! Crayola color spinout allows children to create colorful designs and patterns with a few twists of the wrist.

Just Insert A Paper Disc, Choose Your Marker Colour, Then Crank The Handle And Watch Art Happen!

There are 15 paper discs included too. Ideal for ages 6 through 9. The crayola color spinout lets kids create colourful swirls and patterns without the need for batteries or an electrical outlet.

The Crayola Spin 'N Spiral Art Station Lets Kid Gear Up For Awesome Spirally Geometric Marker Designs Or Spin Out For Wild, Random Drippy Spin Art Paint Designs.

Spin spin out wild paint designs with the ink. Crayola art kits provide hours of imaginative and inspiring play for kids of all ages. The crayola paint pour art set is on sale for just $14.92 at walmart as of feb.

Spiral Gear Up For Spiral Geometric Patterns With 6 Crayola Pipsqueak Markers.

Spin spin out wild paint designs with the ink. Works with crayola pip skinny markers. Use spiral and spin art sides together or separately!

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