Difference Between African And Indian Elephants

Difference Between African And Indian Elephants. Elephants’ ears dissipate their body heat, and african elephants need to dissipate more heat than asian elephants, since they live in a hotter climate (that’s getting even hotter with climate change). It cannot be easily domesticated or trained.

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African ears are much bigger and reach up and over the neck, which does not occur in asian elephants. The ears of the african elephant are much larger reaching up and over the neck looking quite a bit like the map of africa. It is said that you can tell where an elephant comes from by looking at the size of his ears.

The Asian Elephants’ Ears Are On The Other Hand Are Smaller And Are Shaped Like The Map Of India.

It have a concave back. The african elephant is larger and weigh more. Let’s look at all 10 physical differences in detail:

It Cannot Be Easily Domesticated Or Trained.

Difference between african and indian elephants elephants particularly african and indians have many differentiating traits, besides they can be distinguished just by looking at them. However the bigger african elephant has 4 toes on the front and 3 on each of its back feet. african elephant The presence of tusks in both males and females in african elephants is a major difference.

The Most Noticeable Physical Differences Between The Elephants Can Be Seen In The Head And Ear Shapes, And The Size Of The Elephants.

African ears are much bigger and reach up and over the neck, which does not occur in asian elephants. Usually, they grow in pairs but not always. Generally, the weight of an african elephant is around 4,000 to 7,000 kilograms, but an indian elephant weighs only around 3,000 to 6,000 kilograms.

The Belly Of The African Elephant Is Shaped Diagonally Downwards Towards The Direction Of The Hind Legs.

The african elephants of savana inhabit in eastern and southern regions of africa, while forest elephants primarily inhabiting western and central africa. Because ivory is so valuable to some humans, thousands of elephants are. There is even a difference between the number of nails on each of the three species feet:

Asian And African Elephants Have Distinctly Different Head Shapes, Making Them Easy To Tell Apart From A Distance.

The two elephants also differ in the shape of their back, belly, and head. African elephants are taller than the indian (asian) elephants. African ears are like a map of africa and asian ears smaller like the shape of india.

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