How To Create Iron On Patches

How To Create Iron On Patches. The towel is there to protect your patch and your garment from the iron. Custom iron on patches are the best choice when you don’t want to have to sew your patches onto a garment!

Custom Iron On Patches Create Your Own Patch from

This tutorial will show you how to make them and how to use them. Do stagnate the iron about. Do not apply the iron directly to the patch, as this may damage the embroidery.

The Towel Is There To Protect Your Patch And Your Garment From The Iron.

How to make iron on patches. Carefully, turn the bag, or clothing inside out and place the towel on top of the patched area. With the iron heated to medium without any steam option on, gently iron on the patch for about 10 seconds.

If It Lifts Up A Bit, Replace The Towel And Press It With The Iron Again For 10 Seconds.

Place the iron over the patch and firmly press down. Set your hand iron at the hottest temperature setting. Position the spot over surface area as well as press for 12 secs utilizing a warm press, or 30 secs utilizing a family iron;

Heat The Iron To It’s Highest Cotton Setting And Place A Towel Over The Patch, This Protects The Design From Any Residue That May Be On The Iron Itself Which Also Ensures Your Patch Doesn’t Melt!

This will activate the glue. Start pressing in the middle and work out to the edges to avoid any bubbles. Make sure you move the iron over the entire patch and distribute the heat evenly over the area.

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Do not use steam during application! Simply grab some fabric, draw on your design, and choose between hand embroidering, sewing zigzag stitches, or using inkjet transfer sheets to create your patch. You can easily make awesome, unique patches yourself!

While I Was Making A Bunch Of Patches For A Local Chapter, To Sell And Raise Money For The Charity.

Place a paper towel or clean rag on top of the patch and adhesive sheet, set your iron on low (silk setting), and iron the adhesive onto the patch. Check out our blog to see how fast and easy it is to attach iron on patches. Now press it down with your weight of the upper body for around ten seconds and flip the whole product over and repeat the process.

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