Pa Dutch Hex Signs Meanings

Pa Dutch Hex Signs Meanings. The hex symbols were individually hand painted for many years. A traditional pennsylvania dutch hex sign, usually given at weddings, placed on new houses or barns, to protect those inside.

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The pennsylvania dutch may have mounted hex signs on barns for their purported magical properties. This lead to a faster time and reduced cost to make signs and also had the symbols meanings standardized a little bit. Lambs can also symbolize wonder and innocence.

Lambs Can Also Symbolize Wonder And Innocence.

The signs were meant to protect (or place a hex on) the structures and things inside of them from evil and misfortune. Protects against disease and lightning. Patrick donmoyer, author of the book hex signs:

Jacob Zook Of Paradise Pennsylvania Claimed To Have Originated The Barn Hex Sign In 1942.

The photo on the left shows one of these nearly invisible signs, called a ghose hex by some folks. Blue conveyed protection, white purity, green abundance and red strong emotion. Even though the pennsylvania dutch can be said to be a bit more superstitious than many, the use of hex.

This Arises From The Fact That The Pennsylvania Dutch People Have A History Of Painting Everyday Items With Colorful Designs.

The hex symbols were individually hand painted for many years. See more ideas about pennsylvania dutch, hex, barn quilts. Some believed that hex signs provided protection, fertility for livestock, the right balance of sun and rain, and success with crops.

Protection, Blends & Binds Elements Togetherblue:

Original livestock hexes and barn blessings used horses as the horse played a major role in early farm life of the pennsylvania dutch settlers. Hex signs could feature a variety of symbols, including birds and flowers. This approach, naturally very time consuming, limited hex sign use and enjoyment even in the dutch country.

The Hex Symbols Were Individually Hand Painted For Many Years.

Commonly placed in 5 point or 8 pointed stars. The placement of the hex signs on houses and barns was relatively rare in europe and is largely a tradition started by the pennsylvania dutch. Hex signs are a form of pennsylvania dutch folk art, related to fraktur, found in the fancy dutch tradition in pennsylvania dutch country.

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