Acrylic Paint Removal

Acrylic Paint Removal. I used acrylic paint with wooden stamping blocks and mistakenly let the paint dry on the woodblocks. This method is generally used to remove acrylic paint from […]

Dry Erase Marker Stain Removal

Dry Erase Marker Stain Removal. If someone has accidentally used a permanent marker on your board, just follow these steps: Advertisement howstuffworks earns a small affiliate commission when you purchase […]

Formica Countertop Stain Removal

Formica Countertop Stain Removal. Removing formica plastic laminate from cabinets how to remove formica from cabinets. Apply a small amount of nail polish remover (acetone) to a cotton pad and […]

Chalkboard Marker Removal

Chalkboard Marker Removal. How to remove chalk marker & clean a chalkboard. You can also soak the surface with water for 3 to 5 minutes before wiping to remove more […]

Paint Stain Removal

Paint Stain Removal. If the stain has penetrated the paint film, you probably can't clean it off. However, there are a few car paint stains that are. How To Remove […]

Sharpie Stain Removal

Sharpie Stain Removal. Then, can sharpie stains be removed? How do you get sharpie out of fabric? Just incase… Sharpie stains Life hackable, Useful life from Take a clean […]